Mug Printing Products

At CDC we provide a whole host of mug printing products to suit your promotional needs. Take a
look at our categories below to find out which mug will suit your project.

Earthenware Mug Printing

Earthenware is widely used as a cost effective and durable material. Many commercially produced
earthenware mugs are heat and cold proof. If you require a mug to be microwave or dishwasher safe

contact us for further advice. Please click on an image for more information.

sparta earthenware mug durham earthenware mug lincoln earthenware mug
bell earthenware mug marrow earthenware mug deco earthenware mug
stein earthenware mug atlantic earthenware mug

Bone China Mug Printing

Bone china is one of the strongest ceramics used in mug printing and due to this can be made
thinner than its earthenware counterparts. We have a great range of bone china mugs available to
print on. Click the images to find out more.

marlborough bone china mug oxford bone china mug windsor bone china mug
topaz bone china mug balmoral bone china mug

Dye Sublimation Mug Printing

Dye sublimation mug printing enables us to produce more complex imagery without the complicated
set up we used to face. This means more versatility in the use of colour and designs. Click the image
to find out more about this cost-effective option.

dyr sublimation mugs

Packaging for your printed mugs

We offer additional packaging options depending upon your requirements. We can enclose your
order in polystyrene mug mailers meaning your order is well protected for posting.
Alternatively if you simply wanted a box to put your order in we can provide non-protective boxes.

mug packaging

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