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We are a family based team and have been printing mugs in our Nottingham factory since 1987 and we stock all the popular styles.

Printed mugs are one of the best items you can buy to promote your business, product or service.  They also make excellent souvenirs and mementos of special events or occasions.

We specialise in supplying promotional, commemorative and fund-raising mugs in either Earthenware or Bone-China to businesses, schools, clubs, visitor centres and souvenir shops.

We can deliver our mugs in small or large quantities anywhere in the UK or EU and offer a reliable service at a great price.

If you browse our website we're sure to have a mug to suit your needs.

8 reasons why our customers keep coming back to us. (check our testimonials)

- Low prices

- Best quality mugs

- Help & advice with artwork

- Large or small quantities

- A quick, efficient service

- Personal attention

- Nice people to deal with

- Value for money

If you're undecided about which mug to choose, here are some ideas based on our many years of mug printing as to what our customers have picked:

For promotional mugs we have found the Sparta or Durham mug to be the most popular followed by the Marrow and then the huge Stein mug.

Fund-raising and School mugs, especially Leavers mugs are generally printed on Sparta or Durham mugs because of the larger print area.

Commemorative mugs are traditionally printed on Bone China: Marlborough, Windsor and Topaz mugs, although the Balmoral is gaining in popularity as a more contemporary mug.  Budget mugs would include Sparta, Lincoln and Bell.

Souvenir mugs such as those sold in gift shops and visitor centres tend to be printed on Sparta or Durham mugs.

Sport related mugs are best printed on the Sparta or Durham style mug with Dye Sublimation designs gaining in popularity.

Full Colour mugs and Photo mugs are printed by Dye Sublimation on Durham mugs only and they are extremely popular for just about any of the above applications.  These mugs are easily personalised with individual names for a work environment or as one-off designs for birthdays, christmas or any other special occasion.

Whichever mug or quantity you choose you will receive our best attention at all times.

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